If you’re looking for the best real estate schools in Pennsylvania, look no further. We’ve researched real estate classes from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh (and everywhere in between) to find the best real estate schools in PA based on course offerings, instruction quality, user interface, usability, and more. We’ve listed our top five recommendations.

A real estate career can give you more flexibility and autonomy, and it can be a lucrative career path. You’ll need to complete 75 hours of prelicensing classes, plus post-licensing and continuing education requirements once you’re licensed, so choosing the right school to take you through your new career is crucial. Check out our top picks below to get started!

4 Best Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania

Our Top 5 Picks
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Best Overall:
The CE Shop
TheClose30 - Save 30%
Best Value School:
Real Estate Express
TheClose25 - Save 25%
Best School for Exam Prep:
Aceable Agent
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Best No-fuss Real Estate School:
PDH Real Estate Academy

(Pennsylvania prelicensing package prices as of January 2021)

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Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania – Helpful Info

Today’s real estate boom makes it a great time to get into the industry in Pennsylvania, whether you’re looking to work in a major city like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh or sell property in rural Pennsylvania, where property sales are thriving.

To get your real estate license in Pennsylvania, you’ll first need to complete 75 hours of prelicensing courses. Real estate schools in Pennsylvania typically offer several types of real estate courses to meet the needs of agents and brokers at various stages of their career.

Now that you’re familiar with the ongoing education required of real estate agents in Pennsylvania, you can probably see the importance of choosing the right real estate school and course packages at the outset of your new career. Check out our vetted list of the best real estate schools in Pennsylvania and learn why they’re our favorites.

Best Overall Real Estate School in Pennsylvania: The CE Shop

The CE Shop holds its reputation for quality instruction and affordable education options. It also boasts a high pass rate for the license exam (see their website for latest stats). But what sets The CE Shop apart is that you can take your prelicensing, post-licensing, continuing education, and upgrade to a broker license later—and you can do it all in one place.

The CE Shop Pros
The CE Shop Cons
  • Modern, expertly designed courses
  • No access to live instructors
  • Even the Basic package contains a LOT of bonus resources
  • No access to live instructor support
  • Offers one-stop shopping CE courses AFTER you pass your exam
  • Not the most affordable option
  • Offers a Pass Guarantee for three of their four packages

The CE Shop Pricing

You have four prelicensing packages to choose from with The CE Shop.

  • Courses-Only Package ($399): Perfect for the self-starter who’s only looking for the course without a ton of extra features, though this “courses-only” package includes e-books, digital flashcards, career resources, a real estate glossary, and a study schedule to keep you on track.
  • Standard Package ($489): Includes everything in the previous package, plus The CE Shop’s “Exam Prep Edge” to help you get ready for the state licensure exam.
  • Value Package ($529): Includes everything in the previous package, plus business building courses designed for new real estate agents.
  • Premium Package ($589): This package includes everything in the previous one, plus your 14-hour post-licensing course bundled in, so you won’t have to worry about paying for it separately once you’re licensed.

(The CE Shop prelicensing package prices as of January 2021)

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BEST FEATURE: We love a one-stop shop school. If you’re committing to a career in real estate in PA, you know you’ll be back to school for your post-licensing and continuing education. Including the post-licensing course in your prelicensing package gives you peace of mind for your first years as an agent.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: The CE Shop doesn’t go above and beyond with live instructor support. They do provide email support, but you also won’t find opportunities to ask questions to an instructor during your online classes.

BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t want to fuss with jumping between schools for all your Pennsylvania real estate education needs, The CE Shop has you covered from new to veteran real estate agents.

Try The CE Shop’s FREE 5-DAY TRIAL!

The CE Shop is the only school on our list that lets you test drive their courses & features before you buy. Visit their website today!


Best Value Real Estate School in Pennsylvania: Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express has been providing affordable real estate education across the U.S. for 25 years. They were one of the early adopters of online learning, so their platform is easy to use. Real Estate Express shines for its affordability, and students don’t lose out on extra features.

Real Estate Express Pros
Real Estate Express Cons
  • Various course packages, bonus materials, and extra support
  • Livestream-only classes are offered during weekdays only
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • The Basics course doesn’t come with exam prep materials
  • Livestream and online classes at your own pace
  • No interaction with a live instructor
  • Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee

Real Estate Express Pricing

Real Estate Express offers four prelicensing course packages for prospective real estate agents in Pennsylvania.

  • The Basics ($349): An excellent option for a motivated self-starter, this package includes the 75-hour course with basic instructor support. It includes the 30 hours of fundamentals, 45 hours of practice courses, plus helpful e-books.
  • Exam Preparation ($401): Upgrade your course with exam prep. This package includes everything in the previous one, plus exam prep materials to help you study, and a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus ($469): This package includes everything in the previous package, plus live Q&A webinars with your class and an instructor, a real estate dictionary, and a live “exam crammer” series.
  • Ultimate Learning Package ($549): You’ll get everything in the previous package, plus a printed course textbook and one year of professional development to help launch your career.

(Real Estate Express prelicensing package prices as of January 2021)

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BEST FEATURE: With Real Estate Express, you won’t have to skimp on great features to save money. Their packages are affordable but still pack extra support. One of their best features has to be the Live Exam Crammer Series, which offers six one-hour live exam prep webinars. There’s nothing like being able to ask an instructor a question you’re stuck on in real time.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Real Estate Express doesn’t have too much to complain about, except maybe their basic package doesn’t include any exam prep. On the other hand, some students are looking for a basic package without any bells or whistles.

BOTTOM LINE: Real Estate Express is great for students who are comfortable using online platforms and can get the most out of their extra features.


Best Real Estate School in Pennsylvania for Exam Prep: Aceable Agent

If your number one priority is acing the Pennsylvania real estate license exam, Aceable Agent will make you feel confident about taking the exam. They boast a 94% pass rate on the PA real estate license exam and offer a variety of exam prep materials.

This school understands its students’ priorities. People want a real estate school that they can access quickly and get the job done. If you have concerns about exam-taking and are looking for an extra focus on exam prep, look no further than Aceable Agent.

Aceable Agent Pros
Aceable Agent Cons
  • Ability to take classes from your smartphone or mobile device
  • Offers few exam prep materials
  • Updated study material with a great video component to classes
  • Doesn’t offer post-licensing or continuing education classes
  • Affordable

Aceable Agent Pricing

Aceable Agent only offers three prelicensing packages in PA, and all include the 75-hour state-required prelicensing course.

  • Basic Package ($288): This package includes your 75 hours of prelicensing class hours, lite exam prep, free online exam proctoring (for the course exam), and instructor support via email anytime you need it.
  • Premium Package ($474): The premium package includes everything in the previous package, plus 75 instruction videos, 75 audio lessons, digital flashcards an an exam e-book to help you study.
  • Deluxe Package ($660): This package includes everything in the previous one, plus extra support with live webinars five times a week, Q&As with instructors on Facebook Fridays, and one hour of private, one-on-one tutoring.

(Aceable Agent prelicensing package price as of January 2021)

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BEST FEATURE: Aceable Agent is dedicated to preparing you for your license exam. Whether you need materials to study on your own or more interactive tutoring, they have an option for every level of preparation.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Aceable Agent doesn’t offer post-licensing courses, so once you have your license, you’ll need to find another real estate school in Pennsylvania. They also aren’t the most affordable school on the list, though you’ll have to decide for yourself if your priority is exam prep.

BOTTOM LINE: Aceable Agent is for you if you’re looking for more confidence in taking exams and if you like more unique features like Q&As and tutoring.


Best No-fuss Real Estate School in Pennsylvania: PDH Real Estate Academy

PDH Real Estate Academy offers the same reliable features as our other top schools, plus a little something different. Their courses are online and self-paced, with a simple online platform you can use on any mobile device or computer.

PDH Real Estate provides extra support by phone, so you can call and talk to someone if you’re stuck on any part of the material. Real estate professionals teach their courses, and they make sure to include practice questions and a simulated final exam.

PDH Real Estate Academy Pros
PDH Real Estate Academy Cons
  • Simplified course package
  • Only one course package option
  • Affordable
  • No printed textbook included
  • Pass guarantee

PDH Real Estate Academy Pricing

PDH Real Estate Academy offers one comprehensive package for prospective prelicensing students in Pennsylvania.

  • All-Inclusive Package ($360): Includes exam prep, lifetime access and career resources.

(PDH Real Estate Academy prelicensing package prices as of January 2021)

BEST FEATURE: The lifetime access to course materials. Typically, you’ll find that real estate schools give you a six- to 12-month period to complete your courses, after which you can no longer access the course. PDH Real Estate Academy’s lifetime access means you can re-watch any video lectures whenever you need.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: PDH Real Estate Academy only offers one package, so you won’t get much choice. On the other hand, this could be a pro for people who want to keep the process of choosing a school simple.

BOTTOM LINE: Choose PDH Real Estate Academy if you’re looking for an affordable package option with a decent amount of features.


Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania — FAQS

Got more questions? We have answers to your most frequently asked questions about a real estate career in Pennsylvania.

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We wish you luck in choosing the right real estate school for you. When you’ve received your real estate license, come back for more advice to help you in real estate. At The Close, we’re committed to giving you actionable strategies so you can succeed in your career.

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