A free real estate CRM or customer relationship management tool is essential for any new agent looking to close more than one or two transactions a year. Good CRM tools help you organize your contacts, establish a consistent communication plan for each client, and ultimately, close more deals. But most real estate-specific CRMs come with a price tag.

When your budget is tight, knowing about free options that can bridge the gap until you can afford a paid version is critical. To determine the top-notch performers, we evaluated no-cost platforms based on ease of use, communication tools, automation capabilities, contact management features, analytics, customer support, and upgrade options.

Here are our picks for the best free real estate CRM platforms of 2022:

7 Best Free Real Estate CRMs of 2022

Free CRMBest For
Insightly(Best Overall) Agents looking for an efficient CRM with comprehensive analytics
IXACT ContactRealtors who want to integrate their CRM with their marketing and automate their communication
Freshsales CRMAgents who want to build relationships with personalized communication
HubSpotReal estate agents who want a customizable real estate CRM
RealOffice360Realtors who want a beautiful interface and a great pipeline management system
Agile CRMSeasoned agents who are data-driven
Bitrix24Real estate teams looking for a free platform

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        Now that we’ve explored who each CRM is best suited for, let’s dig into each one in a little more detail.

        Best Overall Free Real Estate CRM: Insightly

        Insightly Logo

        Insightly is a real estate CRM that packs a ton of optimum features into its free product, many of which help Realtors organize contacts and leads, as well as set up email campaigns and an outreach schedule.

        Free for solo users or teams of two, the Insightly system is contact-based and task-oriented, making it the perfect tool to create to-do lists for each of your contacts (something Insightly calls “projects”). Then you can start checking off those tasks.

        Final Thoughts on Insightly

        There is a lot to do on Insightly’s free CRM platform—enough to keep most real estate agents busy for quite a while before needing to upgrade. Because Insightly is so dense with options, it can take a little time to get up to speed, but once you do, this is a free real estate CRM that boosts accountability and data-driven decision-making.

        Check Out Insightly

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        Best Free Real Estate CRM for an Integrated CRM / Marketing Experience: IXACT Contact

        IXACT Contact logo

        IXACT Contact is a premium real estate CRM that is actually on our list of the best (paid) real estate CRMs of 2022, so why is it also here? Because IXACT Contact offers “rookie Realtors” SIX MONTHS FREE (to anyone who’s had their license for a year or less). Plus, IXACT offers a full five-week trial for anyone interested in trying the platform, regardless of how long they’ve been licensed. 

        They are easily the most robust and sophisticated platform on our list, and the only reason they’re not our best overall choice is that they aren’t free forever. Still, if you’re a new Realtor and looking for a free CRM, you can’t get a significantly better deal than the one offered by IXACT Contact.

        Final Thoughts on IXACT Contact

        Even though IXACT Contact isn’t free forever, it is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a new agent and looking for your first tool. They have a powerful, real estate-specific CRM. They offer many attractive features if you want to upgrade your experience, and you don’t need to sign a contract to use IXACT Contact. Also, if you’re going to try out the paid version for a month or two, you can do so without penalty.

        If you want to read more about IXACT Contact, make sure you check out our full-length review, or just click below to visit their site and get started.

        Check Out IXACT Contact

        Best Free Real Estate CRM for Phone & Text: Freshsales CRM

        Freshsales Logo

        Sometimes one of the most frustrating parts of a free real estate CRM platform is that communication options only start to ramp up when you upgrade to a more robust, paid plan. Not so with Freshsales CRM. You can send emails, SMS text messages, and even route phone calls to yourself and your team on this platform—all on their Free Forever plan (called “Sprout”).

        Users have the option to upgrade their CRM to a paid version, unlocking a whole host of new abilities. As part of the Freshsales ecosystem, users can seamlessly integrate Freshsales into other products like Freshcaller, Freshmarketer, and Freshconnect.

        Final Thoughts on Freshsales CRM

        With so many ways to enhance this platform, whether they be paid add-ons or upgrades to the next level of services, users of the Freshsales CRM Free Forever plan have all sorts of room to grow in their business. But, that doesn’t mean that the free version of Freshsales CRM isn’t helpful, efficient, and easy to use.

        Although this isn’t a real estate-specific CRM, it works very well in the real estate space and should be strongly considered by any real estate agent in the market for a new CRM.

        Check Out Freshsales CRM

        Best Free Real Estate CRM for Customization: HubSpot

        Hubspot Logo

        HubSpot is another CRM with a buzz-worthy free option. Unlike the task-oriented platform of Insightly, HubSpot’s bread and butter are the ways it enables conversations with your contacts.

        HubSpot’s communication focus really shines with its contact outreach options. HubSpot integrates with your email provider, allowing agents to email straight from a contact’s profile. You can schedule emails and use HubSpot’s real-time email analytics to track when your contacts are opening your messages, and what they’re doing with them after they open them.

        With a paid upgrade, you can also make calls straight from your dashboard, take notes on all your interactions, and even invite your contacts to schedule appointments with you using their Google Calendar integration.

        Overall, this is an excellent platform for agents who want a customized communication experience with each of their contacts. If you thrive on details, HubSpot is a great choice.

        Final Thoughts on HubSpot

        Overall, HubSpot is a fantastic product that would benefit any real estate business. We’re excited to have it on the list. Its free option gives real estate professionals many of the tools they need to execute on their goals. Is it perfect? No, but for a free CRM, you get a lot of value here.

        Check Out HubSpot

        Best Free Real Estate CRM for Pipeline & Deal Tracking: RealOffice360

        RealOffice360 Logo

        RealOffice360 is a platform designed specifically for real estate agents, something unique among the offerings in the free CRM space. 

        Their lead profiles are designed to ask specific questions real estate agents want to know the answers to—things like, “When did you buy your home?” and “Are you prequalified for a mortgage? If so, through who?” RealOffice360 also has a handy pipeline feature to visually track your clients’ progress and a Goals tracker specific to the real estate industry that is also very helpful.

        Truth be told, RealOffice360 is a very helpful tool. While they aren’t doing anything necessarily innovative (we’ve seen every single one of these features before) and do lack some of the full-throated functionality of a paid platform, this is definitely worth looking at for the price.

        Final Thoughts on RealOffice360

        The RealOffice360 free real estate CRM is a unique offering in this space. Yes, this is a platform designed for real estate agents specifically. One of the challenges with many options on this list is that they are intended for general sales professionals and lack some specificity necessary for ideal functionality.

        RealOffice360 is an excellent toolkit for tech-savvy real estate professionals who want a tool that can streamline their process. Its attractive platform makes it a pleasure to use. While it will do just fine as a database tool and even a pipeline management tool, it doesn’t provide many of the higher-level marketing functionalities most agents expect from a CRM in 2022.

        But, since this platform has a completely free-forever-no-credit-card-required option, you can try it out yourself today to see if it works for you.

        Check Out RealOffice360

        Best CRM for Seasoned, Data-driven Agents: Agile CRM

        Agile CRM Logo

        CRMs that don’t adapt well to the real estate industry are often more trouble than they’re worth, but that isn’t the case with Agile CRM. The free version of Agile CRM is flexible and customizable thanks to all their dashboards and interfaces, where you can apply your own labels and create your own custom workflows.

        However, it’s not all good news; this customization requires a lot of time and effort, something not every agent is looking for. 

        That being said, the dashboard and interface are slick and modern, clearly designed with non-computer experts in mind. Agile CRM calls their interface “consumer-grade,” which translates to “everything here is intuitive and easy to use on day one.”

        Final Thoughts on Agile CRM

        Agile CRM is an ideal free product to kick things up a notch. Its many features really shine through in a real estate setting. However, the thing that most excites us about this product is upgrading it. Don’t get me wrong—there is a lot of utility in the free version—but the upgrade is so inexpensive and opens up so many doors. Agile CRM is a good choice for you if you’re growing and plan to take your CRM to the next level someday soon.

        Check Out Agile CRM

        Best Free Real Estate CRM for Teams: Bitrix24

        Bitrix Logo

        If you’re on a real estate team, you know that teams need things like lead distribution and team accountability—things that individual agents don’t.

        Bitrix24 is a team communication and collaboration platform that offers, among many things, a CRM that converts easily to the real estate space. This platform helps you keep your team moving in the right direction for clients, projects, contacts, even neighborhoods. 

        On the free plan, up to 12 users can access almost the entire platform. The only limitation is online storage space. On the free plan, users get up to 5GB of storage on the Bitrix24 server—space that gets gobbled up fast since this is a software as a service (SaaS) provider, and nothing is stored locally.

        Even though Bitrix24 definitely has outreach and marketing tools, it’s clear right from the get-go that Bitrix24’s main strength is as an INTERNAL CRM for your team to ensure everyone is in the right place, at the right time—and then some.

        Final Thoughts on Bitrix24

        The CRM for Bitrix24 is fairly basic compared to other inclusions on our list. However, nobody else provides such a unified, internally focused structure. If you’ve got a big team and you’re having a hard time getting them all to point in the same direction at once, Bitrix24 might be a good option to try.

        Check Out Bitrix24

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        (Nearly) Free CRMs Worth Mentioning

        OK, so they aren’t totally free, but the following three CRM options are really great and so close to free that you need to hear about them. You can also read our Best Real Estate CRM article for a full list of the best paid real estate CRMs, starting at just $25 a month.


        LionDesk Logo

        Recently named The Close’s Best Real Estate CRM of 2022, LionDesk is a nimble, feature-packed real estate CRM that is easy to start using on day one. New LionDesk customers can try out their entire platform risk-free for 30 days to see if it’s right for them, and if they decide to continue as a client, plans start as low as $21 a month.

        Check Out LionDesk

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        Propertybase Logo

        There aren’t many products that can stand up to the platform that Propertybase has built. With a starting price of $89 per month, Propertybase isn’t the cheapest CRM provider on the market, but in our opinion, it is definitely the best. It offers a two-week, full-featured free trial with no obligation or credit card required.

        Check Out Propertybase

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        Placester Logo

        Most real estate agents know Placester as a purveyor of IDX websites. Many people don’t know, unless you read the fine print of your National Association of Realtors (NAR) membership docs, that anyone who is a part of the National Association of Realtors is eligible for a basic website and lead capture system from Placester.

        If you want to upgrade to the first paid plan, there is a CRM included as well. We recently featured Placester in our article 5 Clever Real Estate Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy. Check it out to learn a little more about what it has to offer.

        Check Out Placester

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        Bringing It All Together

        If you are ready to move beyond the limits of how many names and addresses you can hold in your head and into a new world of communication automation, contact management, and ultimately, a better bottom line, then you need a CRM. Of all the free CRMs we reviewed, Insightly delivered the best features with the most efficient systems and provided the greatest value.

        Try Insightly

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