While it seems like every Realtor is making real estate videos these days, most shouldn’t even bother. Why? They don’t focus on why they’re making videos in the first place—to generate and nurture leads! That’s why I decided to work with agents from around the country to highlight 21 examples of real estate videos top agents are making that actually fill their customer relationship manager (CRM) with leads.

After each example video section, I’ll go over some tips and tricks to make your videos irresistible for your audience.

Educational Real Estate Videos (With FOMO Titles)

Educational videos with FOMO (fear of missing out) titles should be the bulk of every agent’s video content. Why? Simple. Everyone is afraid of making a mistake with a six-figure real estate transaction! The FOMO title will draw them in (since they’re afraid of making a mistake), and your educational content will put their fears to rest and show them you’re a real estate expert they can trust. Talk about a win/win. 

Here are five great examples of educational real estate videos with FOMO titles to help get you inspired: 

1. How To Spot Property Repairs & Issues BEFORE You Buy! (LeAnn Henri, Good Company Realty)

Why this video works: LeAnn’s title would increase FOMO in any buyer and the content is actually useful and actionable. 

2. AVOID These MISTAKES When SELLING a House (Jeb Smith, Coldwell Banker)

Why this video works: Who wants to make a mistake selling a home they probably sunk massive amounts of money and time into?

3. Should I Get a Home Warranty? (Peter Lorimer, Corcoran)

Why this video works: Home warranties are one of these things that most people think they understand but require some thought and explanation. 

4. How Do I Get the Seller To Pay the Buyer’s Closing Costs? (Javier Vidana, My Home Group)

Why this video works: Who doesn’t want to save money on closing costs in this market?

5. Do’s & Don’ts Before Closing Day on Your Home (Niki Luther, Palm Coast Real Estate)

Why this video works: Many newer buyers spend tons of time searching for homes and educating themselves about the buying process but are still nervous about closing. 

If you need some help writing great FOMO titles, check out our deep-dive guide to real estate copywriting below:

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Tips & Tricks for Recording Educational Real Estate Videos That Get Leads

  • Invest in a high-quality microphone
  • Break up complicated topics into multiple videos
  • Use simple graphics and charts when possible
  • Write out your scripts before you start shooting

Listing Walk-through or Highlights Real Estate Videos

After educational videos with FOMO titles, the next type of videos agents should focus on making are listing walk-through videos. If there is one thing both buyers and sellers want to know, it’s how their home compares to other homes on the market. 

Sure, they can watch slick, over-produced listing videos from the listing agent on Zillow, but deep down they know listing agents are trying to sell them this home, not just a home! As a buyer’s agent, your walk-through video will seem more honest, because it will be. You can show homes warts and all, or just highlight beautiful or unusual features. If you’re the listing agent, you’re going to want to step up your production a bit to impress your homeowner. More on this later. Here are five example listing videos that include a little bit of everything: 

6. TOURING the PRETTIEST FiDi NYC Development! (SERHANT. New Development)

Why this video works: This is a super-professional tour of a new development, but the agents here manage to make it inviting and fun instead of stuffy and pretentious. 

7. 100 Hampton Walk (Glennda Baker, Glennda Baker & Associates)

Why this video works: As Muhammad Ali once said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” If you have genuine wins to show off to your audience, keeping them to yourself makes no sense. 

8. 145 Central Park North (SERHANT. New Development)

Why this video works: Ryan Serhant spent the last decade building the most recognizable personal brand in real estate. Everything he puts out, including this video, highlights that personal brand.

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9. Just. Wait. Until. You. See. This….. 🤩🤩 (Andrew Jevin, Compass)

Why this video works: If you come across beautiful or interesting home features during the course of your day, sharing them with your audience is a no-brainer. Sure, they can see this bathtub in the listing photos, but they would have to scroll through 20 images to see it. 

10. Love These Retractable Backsplashes 😍😱 (Peter Torkan, The Agency)

Why this video works: This video works well because it highlights a very cool feature of the listing that might not necessarily make the headline of the listing description, but is still something a general audience would be interested in. 

Tips & Tricks for Recording Listing Walk-throughs & Highlights That Get Leads

  • Hire a pro (even if only for the editing)
  • Have a game plan
  • Invest in a stabilizer for your phone
  • Invest in a high-quality microphone
  • Write a script
  • Shoot some practice walk-throughs
  • Schedule your video for a sunny day

Agent Introduction Videos: Make a Memorable 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd) Impression

Even though you may try your best to answer every new lead with a personal phone call, reality can sometimes get in the way. You could be driving, at a closing, sleeping, or making your daughter breakfast. This is why a personal agent introduction video is another video every Realtor should have in their arsenal. 

One way to give your agent introduction video a little more oomph is to include testimonials from happy former clients. Check out Kate Terrigno’s video for an example of how to do this right. If you want to make your introduction video a little more relaxed, have your broker or another agent interview you like Sean Moudry did in his testimonial video. 

11. Kate Terrigno (Corcoran HM Properties)

Why this video works: Kate mixes personal and professional details to give prospective clients a better introduction. 

12. The Kristina Kremidas Team (Douglas Elliman)

Why this video works: Kristina starts off the video by explaining why she LOVES working in real estate. That energy is infectious. Who doesn’t want to work with someone who loves what they do?

13. Meet Cherise Wynn (Compass)

Why this video works: Cherise starts the video talking about the one thing every buyer wants to know more about—her farm area! 

14. A KW Homecoming: Mega Agent Sean Moudry Returns To Leave a Legacy

Why this video works: The interview format feels very informal and allows Sean to brag about his many successes over his 27-year career without sounding like a showoff.

15. Brenda DiBari (Brown Harris Stevens)

Why this video works: The professional video editing and soothing music are the perfect match for the luxury properties Brenda sells. 

Tips & Tricks for Recording Agent Introduction Videos That Get Leads

  • Invest in a professional editor
  • Don’t just recite your agent bio
  • Talk about your family or personal life
  • Add music
  • Invest in a high-quality microphone
  • Don’t improvise, write a script
  • Have a friend or fellow agent preview your video before you post it
  • Smile!

Client Testimonial Videos

Let’s face it, most people take anonymous, written reviews on sites like Zillow or Yelp with a grain of salt. After all, faking reviews is easy when you just need to write a few glowing sentences. In order to cut through the noise online and provide more direct social proof, try and record client testimonial videos whenever possible. 

16. Post & Company Real Estate Client Testimonial Video

Why this video works: This video has great music, starts off with their brokerage branding, and the testimonial itself is set up as a conversation between the couple instead of just one person talking at the camera. This comes across as more genuine. 

17. The Hawkins – A Testimonial Video | Mandy Saldana, REALTOR®

Why this video works: Like the Post video, this starts with the brokerage branding, has great music, and presents the testimonial as a conversation. They also start out telling their story rather than just praising the agent. Way more relatable. 

18. Client Testimonial – Realtor Megan Jones – LCT Team- Parks

Why this video works: While this video only features one person talking, the editor spliced in footage of the agent bringing them flowers and the home itself. This is a great way to show off your personality and listing marketing skills.

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19. Real Estate Agent Client Testimonial Video | Scott Pridemore

Why this video works: This video seems to have it all. A couple telling their story, great music, footage of the agent at work, and pictures of the actual home she sold. 

20. Seattle Real Estate Agent Client Testimonial #22 | McDonald Real Estate Group

Why this video works: This former client is clearly very excited about his purchase and it shows. He also goes through how the agent helped solve his problem. 

21. Greg Guinto // Real Estate Agent Testimonial // Commercial // ALAS Media

Why this video works: Like the other testimonial videos on our list, this video features a couple telling their house-hunting story and how the agent helped solve their problems. Footage of the agent in action and pictures of the actual home round out the video.

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Tips & Tricks for Recording Client Testimonial Videos That Get Leads

  • Approach clients for a video testimonial a week or so after closing
  • Consider combining your introduction video with some client testimonials
  • Try to shoot all your testimonials in the same place
  • Give them a script to follow when writing and reading their testimonials
  • Combine three or four short testimonial videos into one

Over to You

What kind of real estate videos are you using to generate and nurture leads in 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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