There is only one truth in real estate marketing: it’s constantly changing. If you’re trying to keep up, you will always be second-guessing yourself. Will the marketing you used last year still work in 2022?

To find out, we worked with some of the best agents and coaches in the country to find out how they are blending old-school and new-school real estate marketing ideas to build their brands this year. So turn off your phone, grab a cup of coffee, and dig into these 36 clever real estate marketing ideas for 2022.

Marketing Manager in space suit1. Give Your Social Media Accounts a Boost (Without Hiring a Marketing Manager)

The Close Team

If you’re a busy agent, spending hours each day creating content for social media is probably not a good use of your time. In 2022, smart agents are using services like Artur’In to give their social accounts a boost from the pros while they concentrate on selling houses.

For a flat monthly fee, they will post engaging local, branded photo and video content to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. They will also design and run Facebook ads for you with MLS integration. It’s like having a dedicated marketing team for less than what you probably spend on lunch every day.

Visit Artur’In

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Cody D’Ambrosio2. 3x Views & Engagement With Vertical Videos

Cody D’Ambrosio, Head of SERHANT. Studios

“Start your videos by shooting a quick introduction of yourself and the property—trying to take up as much of the frame as possible—before cutting to footage of your listing for the remainder of the video. We’ve seen a 3x increase in performance (both views and engagement) for videos that start in this fashion. Lastly, utilize the Reels component of Instagram. The platform is pushing this feature hard and by sharing your video as a Reel, it is more likely to receive prominent placement in your follower’s feeds, as well as the explore page of Instagram, allowing for greater exposure opportunity.”

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Beth Incorvati3. Create an Actionable Plan to Get More Testimonials & Reviews

Beth Incorvati, Real Estate Coach & Close Contributor

“Even though social proof is more important than ever these days, many agents still just wish and pray for good testimonials and reviews. This rarely works! Even if it does, you will probably end up with reviews scattered around a dozen different websites.

“Smart agents know that maximizing the number and quality of reviews on the sites you want them requires an actionable plan. Check out my nine actionable tips below to earn more reviews below to start today.”

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Sean Moudry headshot 4. Become the ‘Digital Mayor’ of Your Farm Area

Sean Moudry, Colorado Real Estate Broker, Coach, Author & Close Contributor

“If you’re trying to farm your neighborhood online in 2022, becoming the ‘digital mayor’ on social media can bring big wins. The only problem is that this can take years of hard work, and the competition is fierce. Parkbench makes this process much faster and much easier.

“Here’s how: Parkbench creates a hyperlocal website just for you that helps build relationships with small businesses and local influencers to generate referrals. Then they provide expert training so you can start generating referrals quickly. The best part? They only allow one real estate agent per area, so you can become the ‘digital mayor’ without the competition.”

Visit Parkbench

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Eric Simon Headshot5. Beat the Instagram Algorithm by Marketing Yourself on Instagram Stories

Eric Simon, Los Angeles Realtor & Founder of The Broke Agent

“If you’re a realtor using Instagram to market your business and you’re not posting Stories, you might be in for a rude awakening. Instagram’s algorithm now prioritizes short form video content like Stories and Reels. That means if you’re just posting images, your followers may never even see your content.

“This isn’t speculation. I built my own Instagram account to over 350,000 followers by focusing more of my marketing efforts on Stories and Reels and making sure they both gave the algorithm what it wants—engagement.”

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Michael LaFido6. Work With Local Clubs to Create Special Events for Your Listings

Michael LaFido, Real Estate Coach, Luxury Consultant

As the founder of the Luxury Listing Specialist designation and luxury Realtor, Michael LaFido definitely practices what he preaches in his bestselling book and luxury real estate marketing courses.

Most recently, LaFido leveraged his relationship with a local exotic car club to create an event that brought 80 high-net worth individuals in 40 Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other supercars to his $9 million listing—the mansion featured in the hit series “Empire.”

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Tristan Ahumada7. Leverage Real Estate Specific Marketing Software

Tristan Ahumada, Los Angeles Realtor, Founder, Lab Coat Agents

“One lesson many agents learn too late is that not all marketing tools are created equal. Sure, you can make Canva or HubSpot work for a while, but at the end of the day, tools built for agents, by agents, will give you a better return on investment (ROI).

PorchLyte is a Realtor-founded marketing platform founded by Tracey Henning, who worked as a Realtor for 27 years before starting the company. She offers agents templates and content for Instagram and Facebook designed just for realtors.

Visit PorchLyte

“My platform Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center is another great example. It’s the first marketing software created by and for real estate agents. We created it so that agents can get hundreds of gorgeous, easy-to-edit templates for everything from door hangers, to social media posts, to email templates—right out of the box. Everything is designed specifically for real estate agents.”

Visit Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center

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Emile L'Eplattenier headshot8. Use Words That Sell in Your Marketing Copy (Swipe File)

Emile L’Eplattenier, Managing Editor, The Close

“When it comes to marketing your listings, the words you use matter. Simple, direct language tends to work best, but adding evocative words can help paint a picture for your potential clients—making it easier for them to daydream about actually living in the home.

“For example, if the kitchen in your listing gets lots of light, you could just call it ‘sunny’ or you could call it ‘sun-soaked.’ While ‘sunny’ gets the job done, which room would you rather spend your mornings drinking coffee in—a ‘sunny’ room, or a ‘sun-soaked’ room?

“If you want more words that sell in your copywriting arsenal, grab my free swipe file of 732 descriptive words that sell here: 723 Descriptive Real Estate Words Top Listing Agents Use to Sell Homes.”


Logan Link headshot9. Market Your Listings by Creating Videos That Sell a Lifestyle

Logan Link, Marin County Realtor, The Logan & Bernard Group

“To today’s buyers, falling in love with a property is less about square footage and fixtures—HGTV has taught us all that we can do things like update a kitchen. Now, it’s all about how the home and neighborhood will make them feel—what daily life could be like in this new place.

“Videos catch people’s attention and do a great job conveying emotion—especially short films that display well on social media. We tried this out recently and received a fantastic response, and put even more focus toward the concept.”

Check out the videos Logan and her team are using to market a lifestyle here.

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Sean Moudry headshot 10. Create a Detailed Listing Marketing Plan to Pitch Homeowners

Sean Moudry, Colorado Real Estate Broker, Coach, Author & Close Contributor

“A marketing plan is one of the most powerful tools you have to get new listings. After all, marketing skills are probably the main reason most homeowners hire an agent to begin with. So before you pitch your next homeowner, make sure you have a comprehensive marketing plan to show them. You can get started by checking out my 47-point listing marketing plan below.”

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Chris Linsell Headshot11. Fine-tune Your Marketing Messages With Predictive Analytics

Chris Linsell, Real Estate Coach & Senior Staff Writer

“Want to know which homeowners are the most likely to sell their homes in the next 12 months before they start reaching out to agents so you can market to them? With SmartZip, you can. Leveraging over 250 data points across the internet and from your local MLS, SmartZip uses a predictive algorithm to identify who is most likely to list their home for sale—giving you the superpower of knowing which homeowners you should reach out to in your farm area.”

Visit SmartZip

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Jennifer Okhovat12. Market to Your Sphere Across Multiple Platforms

Jennifer Okhovat, Beverly Hills Realtor, Compass

“I think that the best marketing strategy for 2022 is to reach out to your sphere of influence in multiple campaigns: through direct mail, social media, and email marketing. When your contacts see you in not one—but all three—mediums of marketing, they are more likely to think of you when it comes to making any real estate decision. You are present to them wherever they turn!”

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Sean Moudry headshot13. Find Your ‘Why’ & Integrate It Into Your Marketing

Sean Moudry, Colorado Real Estate Broker, Coach, Author & Close Contributor

“Since most leads make purchasing decisions based on emotion rather than facts, finding your ‘why’ should be on your list of marketing goals for 2022. If you want leads to resonate with your brand, your marketing needs to resonate with their values and ideals. After all, who will get excited to work with someone who’s just in it for the money?

“So take the time to really think through why you became a real estate agent and integrate it into your brand and marketing. Maybe you were excited about the idea of helping people build generational wealth. Or maybe you wanted to help build your community. Whatever the answer is, I guarantee it will help you find lifetime customers better than ‘I want to make lots of money.’”

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Emile L'Eplattenier headshot14. Virtually Stage Local Listings in Different Themes

Emile L’Eplattenier, Managing Editor, The Close

“If you or another listing agent in your farm area has an empty listing to sell, spending a few bucks to have it virtually staged is a great way to increase interest and show buyers what it might look like staged differently.

“For example, a spare bedroom might look great virtually staged as a kid’s room with bunk beds, but staging it as a home office might appeal more to buyers who work from home. If you’re showing the listing and your buyer wants a home office, you’ll have a picture ready to go to help them imagine what it might look like.”

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Sean Moudry headshot 15. Anticipate Emotional Seller Objections & Address Them in Your Marketing Materials

Sean Moudry, Colorado Real Estate Broker, Coach, Author & Close Contributor

“Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’ When it comes to emotional seller objections, being prepared makes all the difference. Instead of waiting until you get them on the phone to address their objections, why not address them in your marketing materials? You can create an educational video series or drip campaign explaining pricing strategies or commissions, or better yet, address their objections in your listing presentation before they can even make them.”

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Emile L'Eplattenier headshot16. Keep Former Clients Engaged With Experiential Marketing

Emile L’Eplattenier, Managing Editor, The Close

“As any experienced agent will tell you, five minutes of in-person engagement is worth hours of engagement online. That’s why many top-producing agents today are offering their former clients exclusive offline experiences like dinners, wine tastings, educational seminars, or charity drives. In the marketing industry, this is called ‘experiential marketing,’ and it is one of the hottest trends of the year for Fortune 1000 marketers.

“How hot is it? Well, one study showed that a whopping 98% of consumers created content like pictures or videos at live events, and 100% of those people shared that content on social media.”

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Facebook Messenger icon17. 10x Email Engagement Rates With Facebook Messenger Ads

The Close Team

Here’s the thing. Changes to the Facebook Newsfeed mean more agents are going to try their hand at buying ads on Facebook. That means more expensive ads. Even if they don’t go up, learning the latest techniques to generate leads from your Facebook advertising is a smart move. One way to get noticed in the coming sea of Facebook ads from real estate agents is to try Facebook Messenger ads.

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Emile L'Eplattenier headshot18. Turn Your Social Proof Up to 11 Using HARO

Emile L’Eplattenier, Managing Editor, The Close

“Over the past few years, I’ve been quoted as a real estate expert in The New York Times, Yahoo, Realtor Magazine, Fox News, US News & World Report, and many other publications. Does that mean I know more about the real estate industry than you do? Well … maybe, but that’s not why I get quoted so often. Instead, I know what kinds of quotes journalists need, and I know how to reach them with those quotes when they need them. You can do this just as easily.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a service that journalists use to source quotes from experts. If you want to get quoted and turn your brand’s social proof up to 11, sign up for HARO and start pitching reporters. You can learn more about HARO and strategic PR for agents (including scripts) here: 5 PR Strategies Any Agent Can Use to Get Free Press in 2022.”


Dan Smith19. Send Video Messages & Make Sure Your Videos Have Captions

Dan Smith, Real Estate Author, Speaker & Strategist

“Video. Video. Video. Messaging in video or through apps to make still photos appear video-like and with captions. Over 80% of videos will be watched without sound in 2022, and captions are a MUST!”


Tyler Marrin20. Run Facebook & YouTube Ads for Your Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Tyler Marrin, Director of Marketing, Smith & Associates Real Estate

“Everyone knows that video marketing is hot, and it’s here to stay, but the real edge in 2022 will be to leverage it using hyperlocal targeting. We consistently produce videos for the neighborhoods we want to be the face of. We cover the numerous housing, entertainment, and lifestyle benefits of those areas.

“To best reach viewers in your preferred areas, keyword-stuff your titles and run Facebook and YouTube video ads with strong calls to action (CTAs) that drive traffic back to your website.”

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Emile L'Eplattenier headshot21. Don’t Ignore the Giants

Emile L’Eplattenier, Managing Editor, The Close

“With 200+ million monthly visitors, ALL of your leads are going to be on Zillow at some point during their search, and many will never leave. That means marketing your services as a buyer’s agent or listing agent on Zillow is still crucial for success in 2022.

“Yes, it may be trendy to hate Zillow, but at the end of the day, leads are leads. Getting in front of them early and often is more important than likes on Facebook groups.”

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Dustin Brohm22. Boost Engagement With Contests, Polls & Q&A Stickers on Instagram Stories

Dustin Brohm, Host, Massive Agent Podcast

“Engagement is absolutely key, so use the Polls and Q&A stickers within Instagram (IG) Stories. Ask questions, use GIFs, and make the content as easy to engage with as possible. The more people engage with you, the more they will remember you, and the more you train the IG algorithm that you have great content, which IG will reward with more organic reach than if no one ever engaged with you.

“You can also run contests and giveaways within IG Stories. Master how to get people engaged and coming back for more, and you’ll win.”

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Rose Sklar23. Share Your Expertise by Submitting Articles to Local Magazines or Newspapers

Rose Sklar, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Florida

“Team up with your local magazines to work on a monthly real estate column. Always create relevant content highlighting your ‘Micro’ community. Become the ‘go-to’ person and community expert. After it is published, share the link on all of your social media platforms using a link tree tool in your profile and posts. This allows your content to live longer than the initial feed.”


Jay Macklin24. Send Conversational & Video Text Messages to Your Sphere

Jay Macklin, Broker/Owner, Corcoran Platinum Living

“Conversational and video text messages are a great way for agents to humanize themselves and stay in touch with potential leads, as they are short messages that are more likely to be viewed by the recipient and do not feel as sales-y or bothersome. The key is to ensure that when you are drafting the text of the message, you sound genuine and not pre-scripted, so that your messages work toward building your positive relationship with the recipient.”

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Brian LeBow real estate marketing idea25. Get Out There & MEET PEOPLE in Your Farm Area!

Brian LeBow, Owner, BELL Properties Professional Management for Southern California

“This is the most simple and powerful way to build a real estate business—yet most agents can’t or won’t do it. I’m talking about door-knocking FSBOs and expires. This classic method is still one of the best if you know how to approach each seller and provide value at their door, and is an excellent way to build a fantastic business.”

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Joe Belz26. Team Up With an Agent in Another State to Target Second Homebuyers

Joe Belz, Naples Florida Realtor, Compass

Joe ran multiple lead gen social media campaigns to target prospective second homebuyers. Joe was able to use fellow Compass agent Jeannemarie Conley’s positive reputation in the Boston area to gain trust that he could handle their transactions in Florida.

Not only did Joe gain leads, but he also gained a strong relationship with Jeannemarie that ended up in a referral for a $13 million listing that closed in February 2019. This works in 2022 because it combines a highly targeted digital approach with a referral-based strategy.

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Rebecca Blacker27. Collaborate With Influencers to Drive Social Engagement

Rebecca Blacker, Associate Broker, Warburg Realty, Manhattan

“Collaborating with an influencer is the new celebrity marketing. Influencers have thousands and millions of followers who are engaged with them every single day. Just as influencers promote products, they can promote real estate agents by getting the agent’s name and expertise out to a wider audience.”


Christopher Fling & Karen Yang28. Become a Contributing Member of the Communities You Serve

Christopher Fling & Karen Yang, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Silicon Valley

“In a sea of agents and in a downshifting market, we believe true relationships and friendships will dominate superficial social media and other advertising. Get involved: volunteer regularly—’own’ an event or a time slot for a cause you care about—get to know both other supporters and recipients of the services.

“Door knock with purpose—pair old-school door-knocking with a social or community purpose. Get known for being a champion of not only real estate values in your area, but for adding to that value through community-building activities and support.”

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James Rozanski29. Create Purposeful Content About Your Farm Area

James Rozanski, Associate Creative Director, Marketing, VTS

“There’s nothing more lifestyle than where a person lives—it says everything about who they are, what they value, and the places where they spend time.

Create and recycle content about the life someone is going to lead if they lived in your listing—explore restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, parks, and any other highlights to market the full picture and not just the place itself (especially in cities where every neighborhood has its own feel).”

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Marilyn Blume30. Join Local Organizations to Meet New People

Marilyn Blume, Sotheby’s International Realty

“Get involved in an organization that you are passionate about, which will continually expose you to new people. Follow up and meet each person (when possible) to get to know them better and learn how to help them by introducing them to someone new. Think of how you can help someone; people remember acts of kindness and will pay it forward.”


Chris Linsell Headshot31. Use This Buyer Presentation That Turns Leads Into Clients in 15 Minutes

Chris Linsell, Real Estate Coach & Senior Staff Writer

“While most agents work hard on their listing presentations, most just kind of wing it with buyers. This can be a huge mistake! Today’s buyers are almost as picky as sellers when it comes to choosing an agent. They are more informed, more savvy, and take more time to research agents than ever before.

“That’s why creating and practicing an effective buyer presentation is the key to getting more buyers this year and beyond. You can learn how to create one and download my 15-minute buyer presentation for free below.”

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Eric Simon Headshot32. Use Humor in Your Marketing

Eric Simon, Los Angeles Realtor & Found of The Broke Agent

“Contrary to what some agents think, only posting ‘real estate content’ that shows how awesome you are can backfire on you. Your followers will get bored and stop engaging. Quickly.

“A good way to be less boring on social media is to inject a little bit of humor into your content. You might find that your silly videos, memes, or even jokes get way more engagement than your millionth ‘look how awesome I am’ post. If you want some inspiration or just need a break, check out my article on 11 hilarious agents on Instagram or Emile’s article on real estate memes below.”

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Beth Incorvati33. Give More Thoughtful Closing Gifts That Keep You Top of Mind

Beth Incorvati, Real Estate Coach & Close Contributor

“If you’re still giving low quality steak knives with your logo on them as closing gifts, STOP! The odds of them being stashed in a cupboard and forgotten about are virtually one hundred percent. Instead, do the work to figure out what your clients want or need so you can give them a gift they actually want that still keeps you top of mind.

“We have thirty great examples of gifts that do just that below. So now you have no more excuses for giving cheesy closing gifts!”

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Emile L'Eplattenier headshot34. Write a Great Slogan & Use It in Your Marketing Materials

Emile L’Eplattenier, Managing Editor, The Close

“Summing up your value add in one short sentence sure isn’t easy, but the benefits to your brand and marketing materials can be enormous. Writing a great slogan you can use on all of your marketing materials is a great way to do that.

“Great slogans are short, memorable, and will help you look more professional. If you don’t already have a great slogan, check out our list of 107 of our favorites. If you’re still not inspired, try using our free real estate slogan generator in the article.”

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Chris Linsell Headshot35. Upgrade Your Postcard Game

Chris Linsell, Real Estate Coach & Senior Staff Writer

“While other agents chase the latest digital marketing fads, try marketing your business by using what many old-school agents still swear by—postcards. Sure, just like online marketing, most people will ignore them, but the ones that don’t are way more likely to put them on their fridge and actually call you.”

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Beverly Ruffner36. Hire & Fire Based on Core Values

Beverly Ruffner, Real Estate Coach & Close Contributor

“One of the trickiest parts of effective marketing is ensuring that all of your hires, whether they be admins, transaction coordinators, or inside sales agents (ISAs), are a reflection of your personal brand. Since your brand will seep into your marketing messages, whether you like it or not, you need to ensure that everyone who works for and with you reflects your core values. After all, for many leads, your ISAs will be the first point of contact for your business. What do their attitudes and actions say about you?

“The short answer is EVERYTHING. So make sure to hire for personality and core values first, and skills second. Remember, you can always teach them new skills, but you can’t teach them to share your core values!

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Your Turn

Have any killer real estate marketing ideas that you think our readers need to know about? Let us know in the comments.

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