Real estate landing pages are pages on your website with a single purpose: to convert traffic into leads. When you drive someone to your landing page, they provide their lead information in exchange for valuable content such as a property search, home valuation, or a market trend report.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you need landing pages, the essential elements of a great real estate landing page, and look at five landing page examples from top producing agents around the country. We’ll also share our recommendations for landing page providers that can help you convert more of your website traffic into leads.

Why Your Website Homepage Isn’t Enough: You Need Real Estate Landing Pages

Studies show that the typical first-time real estate website visitor will visit only two pages of your site—and they won’t stay for longer than a minute or two. Since attention spans are so short and the window to convert a visitor into a lead is so small, you need to be sending them to pages designed expressly for conversion.

The joy and excitement of fantastic Facebook or Google analytics reports for the ads you’re running will be completely dashed when you click over to your customer relationship manager (CRM) to see that not a single one of your visitors converted. Don’t send your leads to your website homepage—you need real estate landing pages instead.

The Close Recommendations: Our Top Picks for Real Estate Landing Page Providers

Real Estate Landing Page ProvidersBest For
Real GeeksAgents who want to create high-converting landing pages and a system that integrates well with popular CRM platforms to help nurture your leads
BoldLeadsAgents who want concierge-level service that includes help with landing page design and the ads that drive traffic to them
InComPrice-conscious agents who are looking for landing page services for as little as $30 a month
PlacesterAgents and teams who are looking for a new website with landing pages and a built-in strategy to help convert web traffic into leads
ChimeAgents who want a high-performering CRM to go along with their top-tier landing pages and an IDX-enabled website

Want to learn more about some of these providers? We’ve done the hard work for you. Read our review and video walk-through of the Real Geeks, BoldLeads, and Placester platforms to help you choose which one works best for you.

5 Live Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Now that we know why landing pages are important and some options for getting one set up, let’s take a look at some real estate landing page examples from actual agents and brokerages that are out there converting prospects into leads.

For the full experience, click the link to visit the page for yourself.

1. Home Valuation Landing Page

Redfin, USA

Redfin’s Home Valuation landing page

Our first real estate landing page example comes from Redfin’s Home Valuation landing page, where property owners obtain an estimate on their home’s value at no cost! Actually, that isn’t true—there is a cost. Site visitors must share their contact information, and doing so lets Redfin know that they’re at least considering the idea of selling their home—knowledge that is very valuable.

This page offers an instant valuation, meaning, when someone types in their information, they get an instant result. When it comes to home valuation pages, there is another approach—the delayed valuation, where a visitor types in their information, you get notified, and then create a custom comparative market analysis (CMA) just for them.

Maximizing Your Return From a Home Valuation Landing Page

Providing a visitor with an instant home valuation is a strong conversion strategy. However, instant valuations are based on algorithms like the one used for Zillow’s Zestimate, and aren’t always reliable.

A delayed valuation landing page allows you to put your eyes on a property’s data before confirming an estimated value for your visitor, ensuring a higher level of accuracy and detail but converting at a slightly lower rate.

Experiment with both and see which delivers the best value for your time and money.

2. Property Search Landing Page

William Fastow, Sotheby’s International Realty, Washington, D.C.

William Fastow landing page

The following real estate landing page example comes from William Fastow, a top performer in the DC area.

On the Property Search landing page, prospective buyers can search for available properties on the market and set up custom alerts for the homes they’re looking for. The cost to access these tools? Contact info.

Maximizing Your Return From a Property Search Landing Page

Prospective buyers will be much more likely to exchange their contact information for inside information or exclusive listings. Fastow does this by offering visitors a chance to “see listings before anyone else!”

When putting together your landing page, consider what is most valuable to your visitors, then offer it to them in exchange for their contact information.

3. Real Estate Farm Landing Page

Vintage Oaks, New Braunfels, Texas

Vintage Oaks landing page

Real estate agents marketing entire planned communities or using a real estate farming strategy need to have resources that can attract buyers to an entire region, not just specific properties. This landing page from Vintage Oaks, a builder-developed real estate community in Texas, offers a free e-book to anyone thinking about a purchase in exchange for contact information.

Maximizing Your Return From a Real Estate Farm Landing Page

Real estate transactions are complicated, especially on the buy side. Buyers need to think about the property itself, financing, inspections, appraisal, and more. Offering a resource that hits all those pain points is a great way to start a client relationship (good for you), as well as highlight you as a trusted adviser through a challenging process (great for your clients).

When putting together your real estate landing pages, think about more than just a single pain point. What can you provide the buyers in your market that will help them through the real estate process as a whole?

4. Community Guide Landing Page

Holly Williams, RE/MAX Gateway, Alexandria VAlocal guide landing page

As a realtor, you’re a community expert. You know every street, every city park, every hip-and-happening coffee shop, and every grocery store. You use these things to promote the listings in your community. Leverage your community expertise like Holly Williams of Alexandria, VA, does by offering exclusive advice on events, insider info on neighborhoods, and suggestions on how to get the most out of what your market has to offer.

Maximizing Your Return From a Community Guide Landing Page

By creating ads for particular communities, you capture the attention of both those who want to live there and those who already live there, making you a local expert for both buyer and seller leads.

Market your landing pages directly to potential buyers through paid advertising, and use them as evidence of your expertise in your listing appointments.

5. Exclusive Homeowner Content Landing Page

Doug Willis, Up2Date Real Estate, Pasadena, CA

exclusive content landing page

Offering content in exchange for contact information is a tried-and-true approach to real estate lead generation, as we see Doug Willis of Pasadena, CA, doing here.

The decision to sell a home often occurs weeks and sometimes months before a homeowner decides to contact a realtor. By offering content designed exclusively for this situation, you can make contact early and begin that nurturing process before any of your competitors has a chance to get involved.

Maximizing Your Return From an Exclusive Homeowner Content Landing Page

Customize your landing pages and lead magnets to your target prospects. Your lead generation strategy will be more effective if your offering speaks directly to their personal profile, goals, or needs.

For instance, if an e-book is titled “6 Projects to Complete Before Listing Your Home for Sale in Oregon,” you will likely get some conversion. But, if you titled it “6 Projects to Complete Before Listing Your Waterfront Home in Portland, Oregon,” you are likely to get a much higher conversion rate from waterfront homeowners in Portland.

The major takeaway here is that multiple, personalized landing pages are much more effective than a single, homogeneous one. When offering content to your would-be listing clients, make it as personalized as possible.

The 6 Essential Elements of Effective Real Estate Landing Pages

Now that we’ve seen some landing pages out in the wild, let’s take a look at what makes these pages so effective. Landing page providers like Placester have each of these elements baked into their templates. How would you tweak them to resonate with your particular community?

Here are six things your real estate landing page can’t do without:

1. A Strong Headline

landing page headline

Your real estate landing page’s headline is the first (and sometimes only) thing that visitors will read from start to finish, so a clear message that captures attention and is easy to understand is a must. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, either.

If your real estate landing page’s purpose is to drive leads for an iBuyer platform, a simple headline like “Get an offer on your home with the press of a button” will do the job perfectly.

2. A Crystal-clear Answer to the Question Being Asked

real estate social media post
(Source: Easy Agent Pro)

People visiting your landing page are doing so because they were prompted by a question they wanted an answer to—a question like “How much is my home worth?”

Real estate agents who have their landing page game dialed in know that the most effective landing pages answer these questions and ONLY these questions.

If you’ve got someone who is looking for an answer, don’t provide them with unsolicited information, background noise, or further options that don’t answer the original question.

3. A Fantastic Image

landing page image example

Great landing pages use strong imagery to reinforce (and not distract from) their message. The best landing page images represent the geographic area your prospects are either coming from or wanting to go to.

For instance, a landing page image for a real estate agent working in Manhattan could be the city skyline, the interior of a swanky New York loft, an attractive residential block, or the interior of a neighborhood coffee shop. All of these images capture an aspect of Manhattan living without distracting from the visitor’s directive.

CLOSE INSIDER TIP: Stay away from videos on landing pages. Videos can slow down the load time of a website, especially on a mobile device. According to a study done by Kissmetrics, more than 40% of your prospects will abort their visit to your site if page load time exceeds two seconds. Your cool drone video of your market’s skyline isn’t worth losing 40% of your leads.

4. A Purpose for Every Word on the Real Estate Landing Page

real estate landing page example

Every single word and punctuation mark on your real estate landing page needs to have a purpose. Remember, your audience’s attention span only allows you seconds to convince a prospect to become a lead.

The best way to go about sharpening your copy is to get others to read your work. Editing, especially by someone with a writing background and an eye for concise copy, is essential to honing your message.

5. An Optimized Lead Capture Form

lead capture form example

The most important part of any landing page is the lead capture form, where your visitors give you their personal information. According to a study by WordStream, top-of-the-funnel lead conversions will drop significantly if a landing page has more than four fields to complete. So, stick with only the information you absolutely need.

Our suggestions are: name, email address, and phone number.

Also, take advantage of the messaging your button allows. “Submit” feels clinical and boring, and doesn’t solicit feelings of urgency. Try button messaging like “Sign Me Up” or “Get It Now” to convey a conversational tone.

CLOSE INSIDER TIP: A/B testing is a great way to continually tweak the performance of your landing page’s lead capture forms. Does a red button or a green button do better? How about three forms to fill out vs four? Perform the tests, and take the data to make your landing pages better through ongoing optimization.

6. A Mobile-friendly Experience

mobile friendly landing page

Just shy of 90% of Facebook sessions occur on a mobile device, which means that if you’re running ads on Facebook to drive traffic to your landing pages, making sure the mobile experience is a good one is key. Double-check all your landing pages on both desktop and mobile before sending them live.

Your Turn

Have you had success with a real estate lead generation strategy directing prospects to landing pages? Do you have an amazing strategy for converting traffic into clients? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. If you want more advice from pros nationwide on real estate landing pages, make sure to join our free The Close Real Estate Agents Mastermind Group on Facebook.

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