New real estate tech companies seem to pop up every single day. With such a crowded marketplace, it’s hard to know which companies are just a flash in the pan and which are ones you should pay attention to. 

To help you cut through the noise, our team at The Close spent the week at the Inman Connect 2022 conference in New York, talking to literally every real estate tech vendor on the expo floor, choosing our list of new real estate tech companies that we think are going to make a splash this year and beyond. 

Here are our favorites: 

The Close’s Top 6 New Real Estate Tech Companies to Watch Out For

Real Estate Tech CompanyWhat They Do
Cubicasa2D property floorplan generator using only your smartphone
RevaluatePredictive analytics company focused on getting more transactions from your sphere
DomoticsInnovative presentation platform; Zillow meets Zoom
Artur’inProvide the easiest way to hire a digital marketing agency
Tomi.aiHelp large-scale real estate businesses target better audiences for lead generation
InspectifyTake the headache out of the property inspection process

1. Cubicasa

Cubicasa is a 2-D digital floorplan generator that makes creating accurate, usable, shareable floorplans of any property easy, quick and reliable. A process that used to involve multiple people, complicated laser measuring tools, and many days (sometimes weeks) of turnaround can now be executed with any working iPhone or Android device and delivered in a single business day.

A typical floorplan generated by Cubicasa
A typical floorplan generated by Cubicasa in a single business day.

Why Cubicasa is on Our List

Cubicasa is offering an elegant, market-focused solution to a problem many in the real estate industry face. An overwhelming number of real estate buyers and renters report that these sorts of top-down floorplans are critical to the decision-making process in the final stages of home shopping. Harnessing the technology most agents already have in their pocket, Cubicasa solved this problem, and are doing so remarkably affordably, with most floor plans less than $30 each. 

Look for Cubicasa to make a big splash in the 2022 marketplace, it wouldn’t surprise us to see them on a number of best-of lists this year.

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2. Revaluate

Reevaluate Logo

Reevaluate is a predictive analytics company that offers a very interesting twist on the idea that we can use big data to generate more, better, leads – all with higher conversion rates. 

Why is Revaluate unique? Instead of pointing the magnifying glass of big data at the market at large, Revaluate users upload their existing contact database to the Revaluate platform for analysis. This analysis identifies then predicts which of the people in an agent or broker’s sphere of influence are most likely to become buyers or sellers, rather than looking at a community or geographic area as a whole.

Revaluate platform for analysis
Some of the things Revaluate looks for in the behavior or your existing sphere of influence to indicate buyer or seller readiness.

Why is Revaluate on Our List

Successful real estate lead generation is about two things: 

  • Getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time
  • Nurturing a relationship with those people so that they trust you with their real estate needs. 

Basic predictive analytics marketing relies a lot on cold outreach, so while you might be reaching the right audience at the right time, the people you’re reaching don’t know who you are, so they’ll require a lot of hand-holding in order to get them to a point where they’re ready to transact.

With Revaluate, the people you’re reaching already know, like, and trust you, so your messages will be much more warmly received, and your conversion rates will be much higher. And, with a price point of right around a dollar per contact per year, even agents with a limited budget can find success here.

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3. Domotics

Domotics Logo

Domotics is a real estate marketing and communication platform that makes virtual meetings with your clients more productive, more interactive, and gives them the information they need to make decisions about properties faster.

The information you get on Domotics isn’t anything new; their slick user interface presents buyers with the same photos, virtual walkthroughs, videos, and property information you’d see on your local MLS or third-party platform. However, with Domotics, you get a platform designed to be shared; you can log on with your clients in real time from anywhere, guide them through all the information, answer their questions, and curate the experience. Think of Domotics as Zillow meets Zoom.

The interactive Domotics platform
The interactive Domotics platform works on virtually any device, including smart TVs, Apple TV, phones, computers, even immersive VR headsets.

Why Domotics is on Our List

Domotics has features that are so smart and intuitive, it’s honestly a surprise that we haven’t seen them built into other platforms by now. Domotics gives agents the ability to curate a clients’ online experiences, talking them through properties virtually, answering their questions in real-time, offering face-to-face video, live chat, and more. These are all absolute level-ups agents and brokers looking to provide high-end service to provide their clients. 

Plus, with Domotics, you don’t have to limit this to a one-on-one experience. On this platform,  you can host virtual open houses, inviting as many people as you’d like to come and hear your presentation, tour the home via online media, and ask all their questions. Buyers love the access, sellers love the exposure and attention. This is a slam dunk.

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4. Artur’in

Artur’in Logo

Hiring Artur’in is like hiring a digital marketing agency for your real estate business without all the hassle of, ya know, actually hiring a digital marketing agency. They’ve taken the best parts of working with a dedicated creative agency (social media content, blogs written for you, reputation management, lead generation services, even professional photography and videography), and made it all accessible on their digital platform. 

Log in, get what you need, check your progress on projects, and get back to work. No soul-sucking meetings every week, no frustrating phone calls with someone who isn’t really listening, just the assets you need, when you need them, designed just for you.

Actual social media content generated by Artur’in
Examples of actual social media content generated by Artur’in on behalf of real estate clients.

Why Artur’in is on Our List

Artur’in isn’t doing anything revolutionary, they’re just doing it better, more conveniently, and providing better value than their competitors. It used to be that in order to get this level of service there was a SERIOUS commitment of time, of money, and quite frankly, of emotional frustration.

If you don’t have time to manage your own digital marketing, improve your online reputation, or build your brand, Artur’in is a real estate tech company you should take a look at.

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5. Logo is another predictive analytics company seeking to use big data to improve your real estate lead conversion rates, but likely not in the way you expect. The team at smartly identified that every real estate agent / team / brokerage is unique — that each real estate business is going to have its own strengths when it comes to the sort of clients it converts most frequently.

So, using data analytics, tracks the performance of your team’s lead conversion, identifying exactly the characteristics of the clients you tend to convert most, then automatically tweaks the audience targets on your ads on places like Facebook and Google to attract more of the leads your team does best with.

Targeting, Optimization, Measurement, and Insights.
The name “Tomi” is an acronym for what this company does best: Targeting, Optimization, Measurement, and Insights.

Why is on Our List

Success in real estate is all about personalization. Customizing your approach to marketing, branding, client service, and lead generation is often the difference between a brokerage that just breaks even every year, and one that leads their market. leverages technology to drill down into what your team’s specific strengths are and plays to those strengths when it comes to the sort of leads you’re generating. isn’t for everyone (right now, they require a pretty hefty ad spend on major networks like Google or Facebook to use their tool), but for anyone running an enterprise-level operation, they should absolutely be in your tech-stack conversation. 

Don’t think of as your lead generation engine, think of them as the turbo-booster that is going to accelerate you and your efforts.


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6. Inspectify

Inspectify Logo

Inspectify is a digital platform designed to make the scheduling, conducting, and decision-making when it comes to property inspections easier for all parties involved. It does so by creating a marketplace of verified inspectors in just about every major real estate market in the US. Inspectify vets inspectors, and after they’re verified as legit, they’re listed as available options for use by homebuyers. 

When a buyer wants to conduct an inspection on a property, instead of having to coordinate with the buyer’s agent, the seller, the seller’s agent, and the inspector, Inspectify handles all the scheduling for you. Then, after the inspection is complete, they review it to make sure the inspector has covered everything, and they even provide an estimate for remediation costs for anything that needs fixing before or after the sale closes.

The Inspectify user portal
The Inspectify user portal is easy to use and allows buyers to order home inspections in less than 10 minutes with just a few clicks – no phone calls or scheduling necessary. Just put in your inspection deadline and Inspectify does the rest.

Why Inspectify is on Our List

Inspectify is a “technology shortcut” that provides an easy answer to what many agents (myself included) consider a major hassle. And, the best part is, this service is completely free (at least, to real estate agents and clients). The cost to use the platform is borne by the inspector who pays a small referral fee in order to receive the order for the inspection. 

So, the buyer (or whoever is paying for the home inspection) will pay the cost of the inspection, but the coordination, delivery, and service-after-the-fact are all paid for by the inspector. 

Inspectify seems like an easy way to eliminate an annoying task from the real estate purchase process, and is a great way to service your clients (without paying anything extra). We’re excited to see how they do this year, and whether or not they’ll move into other verticals of the real estate transaction process.

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Your Turn

Were you at Inman Connect New York this year? Which real estate tech companies were you intrigued by? Tell us in the comments below. Also, if you have a suggestion for a tech company that wasn’t at the conference you think we should check out, let us know!

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