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REDX Review: Why Smart Realtors Use REDX & Power Dialer
March 27, 2022
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REDX Review: Why Smart Realtors Use REDX & Power Dialer

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Chris Linsell
Real Estate Coach Real Estate Coach

Chris is a writer, coach, speaker, and technology analyst specializing in marketing, lead generation, transactional best practices, and everything in between. See full bio

Mining for potential leads and manually cold calling takes an incredible amount of time and a whole lot of luck. Luckily, there is REDX, a powerful platform that finds and delivers leads with speed and precision. Its proprietary VORTEX system allows you to manage these leads while the Power Dialer gets you calling faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Hitting the phones and cold calling isn’t for everyone, but if prospecting listing leads is part of your strategy, learn more about this turbo-charged lead generation tool in our REDX review. 

What Is REDX?


REDX is a prospecting platform that connects agents to qualified leads. Agents can subscribe to one or more of the five different categories of leads, including expired, For Sale By Owner (FSBO), For Rent By Owner (FRBO), and preforeclosure

When a lead comes in, REDX gives you access to phone numbers, mailing addresses, property information, tax information, and even data about the listing of the property if it was recently on the market. REDX mines all of that data from national, private, and even proprietary databases and has access to over half a billion landlines and 200 million mobile phone numbers. 

REDX also helps agents call as many leads as quickly as possible through its Power Dialer, and provides scripts so you know exactly what to say when someone answers.

Visit REDX

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How Much Does REDX Cost?

REDX has an a la carte pricing model with options as low as $39.99 per month. All paid subscriptions include their Lead Management System (LMS), VORTEX, for free. Get what you need, and add on more as you crush your cold-calling game.

REDX is now offering to waive its $150 setup price for The Close readers.

Here’s a closer look at REDX’s a la carte pricing:

App NameMonthly Cost
Expired Leads$59.99
GeoLeads$59.99 (GeoLeads PLUS is $119.98)
Power Dialer$99.99 (Multiline dialer is $149.99)
ONYX - Lead Upgrade$100

Who Is REDX Best For

REDX is one of our top six picks for purchasing real estate leads. It’s perfect for hungry agents who are motivated to actively cold call and connect with new leads. It is also one of the most affordable lead generation companies. If you’re worried about committing to regular prospecting, we have other options for you to consider—check out our 6 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Leads to find the right fit.

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How to Use REDX

We found that REDX has a pretty minor learning curve. It’s possible to hop on and be calling those leads in a short period of time. It all starts with their proprietary system, VORTEX.

Managing Your Leads With VORTEX

REDX Vortex dashboard

The REDX experience centers on its LMS, called VORTEX, which is where you’ll find a list of all your current leads, their contact information, and links to notes you’ve made from previous conversations.

VORTEX is not a customer relationship manager (CRM), so it doesn’t track all of your client interactions—its one job is filling up the pipeline with listing leads and helping you contact them.

Subscribe to whatever kind of leads you want to prospect and the platform constantly generates those types of new (and qualified) leads. While you might be able to find some of this information through MLS, REDX does all of the hard work for you, and in a fraction of the time. 

Lead Generation Prospecting

REDX uses cutting-edge aggregation techniques to pull together five different types of leads. We wanted to be sure our REDX review includes an introduction to each of these lead types.

REDX lead filters

REDX Review: The Power Dialer

The REDX power dialer calls

The REDX Power Dialer calls through your computer or cell phone and initiates a constant roll of calls. The moment someone picks up, you are instantly connected and as soon as that person hangs up, the Dialer has already lined up the next one. 

REDX estimates that Power Dialer increases the number of conversations its users have by more than 400% per hour.

Plus, Power Dialer allows you to pre-record a voicemail for each calling session, so you don’t waste time leaving a voicemail every time you reach a voice mailbox. You can also record conversations, and the time zone protection makes sure you’re not calling at an inconvenient time. The REDX Power Dialer offers three packages.

REDX power dialer general settings

Three Levels of the Power Dialer

Preview-Line Dialer
  • 1 call line
  • 1,500 minutes
  • Call with computer or phone
  • Time zone protection
  • Usage log
Power Dialer
  • 1 call line
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Call with computer or phone
  • Time zone protection
  • Usage log
  • Call recording
  • Upload voicemails
Multi-Line Dialer
  • 3 call lines
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Call with computer or phone
  • Time zone protection
  • Usage log
  • Call recording
  • Upload voicemails
  • Upload callback messages

The efficiency of Power Dialer is actually a little overwhelming at first, especially if you are used to the relatively casual pace of manual phone prospecting. But we found that you get into “auto-dialer mode” very quickly, and it is really exciting how many calls you can knock out in a short period of time.

Additional REDX Features

REDX Drawbacks

There’s no doubt that this is an excellent lead generation platform, but we do have a few notes on room for improvement. 

Time Investment

In order for REDX to yield positive results, it requires a serious time investment. Some marketing strategies let you get away with “set-it-and-forget-it,” but not REDX. You are not making money if you are not working the phones.

Limited Integration Options

Though this product does offer some third-party compatibility, the list is short and that compatibility is limited. Transferring data from VORTEX into another management system (say, a CRM) can be a cumbersome process.

Incorrect or Missing Information

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the reliability issues of the phone number data provided. Many of the phone numbers are abandoned landline phone numbers. In our experience, around 50% of the numbers are actually current and working.

However, it‘s important to point out that while 50% seems low, it’s actually pretty on par with the industry standard.

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REDX Review Summary

REDX provides a ready-to-use platform for agents with easy-to-navigate tools and only the slightest learning curve. Ideal for both new agents and seasoned veterans, a high return on investment is achievable for someone who is committed to dedicating the time to prospect every day.


Over to You

Have you been looking for a new way to up your expired listing game, or are you going to use GeoLeads to make your farming more effective? Have more questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Want even more free resources? Tell us about you so we know what to send.
Chris Linsell

Chris is a writer, coach, speaker, and technology analyst specializing in marketing, lead generation, transactional best practices, and everything in between.

See full bio


  1. Michelle Barnes Reply

    Can anyone share their experience using REDX? I am a Realtor and want to know please.

  2. Sandra Reply

    It is my understanding that RedX gives discount to members of Jim Remley at eRealEstateCoaching students.
    Sandra Bogackacrowell

  3. Avatar for Estrada Roland
    Estrada Roland Reply

    Interesting to see this today. Two days ago our board had an MLS Forum open to all member agents. A key point of discussion from CAR and CRMLS legal counsels reiterated that contacting expired sales is against our rules and can carry HEAVY fines.

    1. Avatar for Chris Linsell
      Chris Linsell Reply

      Hi Roland –

      Interesting indeed! I will say first off that I am not a Realtor in California, but I have a pretty good handle on the National Association of Realtors’ stance on this topic. If the CAR and the CRMLS have a different take on this topic, I would definitely be interested in hearing it.

      My guess is that the forum you referred to was speaking to the situation where a property’s LISTING has expired, but a seller’s CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP with a Realtor has not. There are understandable situations when a property’s listing would expire and a Realtor would retain the exclusive right to list the property. In a case such as this, a soliciting Realtor could in fact be violating the NAR code of ethics (Article 16), and be in some legally murky waters for engaging in Tortious Interference, which essentially is interfering with a contractually legal relationship.

      By design, some Expired Listing pitches involve saying something to the effect of, “I can do it better than the last person”, which also is a bad spot to be in if the “last person” is actually still the “current person”.

      A great way for prospecting Realtors to avoid this issue is to make sure you ask directly whether or not the seller of your sought-after Expired Listing is still under contract with their first Realtor. If that is the case, thank them for their time and wish them the best of luck. In the past, NAR has made it clear that ignorance isn’t a defense on this topic; it is the soliciting Realtor’s responsibility to verify that they aren’t violating this rule.

      If you make a reasonable effort to ascertain whether someone is currently working with an agent, and if you find out that to be the case, respond accordingly, this generally absolves you from any of these ethical concerns. To be totally clear, I am not a lawyer, so this is friendly advice, but in my experience this strategy has done the trick.

      As soon as seller’s contractual relationship with a Realtor has ended, they are free to pursue (and be pursued by) another Realtor. While customs on the local level may differ, this is the generally accepted position on the topic, at least in my experience.

      If this forum is publicly available, I’d love to take a look at it!

      Thanks again for your comment, happy prospecting!


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